Erotic Monkey Review 2

General Description

Saw destiny last year and have been waiting for a repeat for months now. she travels quite a bit (she just got back from modeling in europe) but our schedules finally matched up in nyc and as promised in our last session she brought a friend along for the ride!

she’s like a fine wine, she just gets better with over time..

The Juicy Details

Just my luck destiny was in new york when i was traveling for work so we schedule something for later in the week.

she message as she was getting the hotel. i gave her the room number and waited eagerly as i counted the minutes for her to arrive…finally there was a knock on the door.

she was wear a stunning little black dress, that i can only imagine turned heads as she walked through the lobby. as destiny was closing the door, she said, “i forgot your surprise!” and she opened the door and to my amazement there was another tall stunning blonde, who could have passed as her twin sister.

they both excused themselves to get ready, but i can only imagine what was going on in the bathroom! it seemed like an eternity that they were gone, but when they finally emerged i was staring at two girls straight out of my favorite men’s magazine! destiny was in sheer black see-through lingerie, which showed all the best parts and left nothing to the imagination. her friend was in the tiniest red bra and thong panties. they both came up to me and gave me the wettest french kiss and their hands wandered down to my manhood.

they said, “you can look but you can’t touch, yet!”. they slowly removed most of the little they were wearing and hopped on the bed as the motioned me to lie down too. they were passionately kissing and fingering each other and finally settled into a “69” with my face just inches away from destiny’s glistening wet pussy. they were both munching, licking, and slurping for the life of them. i started to feel a bit neglected, when destiny said, “well, what are you waiting for?”

i’m not usually a big diner at the y, but for today, i had to make an exception! both of them were so sexy, clean, and fresh that i couldn’t resist. after countless switches, and too many bbbj’s to count, i screamed, “i can’t wait any more!” destiny skillfully applied a condom with her mouth and jumped straight onto my aching cock with one swift motion.

we started in cowgirl, i flipped her over for some missionary, and switched to doggy. her friend was between her legs intermittently licking destiny’s pussy and pulling out my cock for a quick lick. it was sexy as hell. she finally said, “my turn” and pulled me out of destiny’s dripping pussy and expertly put a new condom on before sticking her butt in the air and saying, “are you ready to give me your big hot load?”

i entered her doggy, and thought i was in heaven, until destiny started to play with my ball and lick everywhere, and i mean everywhere! i didn’t it to end and i held on as long as i could. i finally positioned the two of them on the bed, as i pulled the condom off and came as they kiss my cock and balls and shot my load in their eager mouths.

it didn’t end there, as they let used me a pillow as the played with my balls until i was ready for round 2! i’m saving up my loads and pennies until i can see them again in la later this summer!