Destiny is incredible, tall and fit…playful smile, and big blue eyes.  Personality – witty, with friendly disposition.

I was a bit eager to meet her – we exchanged a few emails and had a brief call to set our time.  For our date, she agreed to meet by my office, to then walk  to a nearby hotel bar for a drink.  I asked we keep it slightly casual, she wore blue skinny jeans and a pair black loubous.  On top, a grey v-neck, and a black fitted jacket, very soho.  Very fitting look bonus on style points. Our walk was brief but it gave us time to feel each others energy.  We connected, it was jovial and flirty.    Hotel bar had the usual after work crowd but we found a spot to sit and order wine.  We spoke a  little about Bulgarian culture.  No, she does not have an accent.  Hopping topics, we somehow landed on massages, which she loves to give, maybe it was the wine, but she stated she  “love blow jobs” and that sometimes it gives her an orgasm-  I was ready to go she, grabbed the bottle of wine and thought it was a good idea to make a move upstairs. In the room, Destiny excused herself to the restroom, then exited, without warning, wearing a black ruffled bra, and sexy thong type panties.  I was floored, besides how sexy she looked, her bra had cutout triangles showcasing her beautiful breast, areolas and hard nipples.   She walked over to me, jokingly asking if I too brought a costume to-nope,  just my birthday suit.  As I sat on the bed she jumped on to my lap and began kissing my neck, she started removing my clothes.  I helped of course, she scooted up as i loosened my belt and slid down to her knees taking my pants and briefs with her, my erect partner nearly missing her cheek.  Grabbed me with one hand, she looked at me while slowly lowering her mouth, taking it all in.  The sensation was incredible, the feeling warm, wet, as she increased level of suction.  with her other hand she began pleasuring herself.  at one point she had to stop herself, pausing  moaning, with me still deep in her mouth.  she wasn’t kidding about loving blow jobs, i think she gave her self an orgasm too.. she got on top, leaning back and pushing forward,  loved squeezing her ass and massaging her clit.  she can get loud, I think she had an orgasm with me in her- i did, we did….. it was fantastic.   We stayed like this for a moment.  Then she looked at me and said “so…..nice to meet you.”  her humor and playful demeanor present till the moment she walked out the door.  She enjoys herself and makes you feel wanted.  see for yourself.