She is a voluptuous beauty

Erotic Monkey Review:
General Description

She is a voluptuous beauty; tall in height and curvy places in the right places. her skin is silky smooth and soft to the touch. very pretty face, eyes and a sparkling smile; luscious soft lips; the perfect size butt (gorgeous) and amazing boobs. if i had to describe her in one word, i’d say she’s a goddess.

her lips met once the door is closed. she teases me, a gentle kiss suggesting a great deal more to come.

The Juicy Details

Upon entering the hotel destiny greeted me with a light kiss. she really is an attractive woman. her personality is like a sweetheart. pleasant, relaxed, a good conversationalist. it was like meeting a casual girlfriend that you had fucked before but were getting back in touch after an absence.

we sat down and chatted for a bit while having some wine, then she excused herself to the bathroom to change and came out in an amazing bikini revealing her perfect natural body, it felt like i was in heaven. started to dfk and i peeled off her top and bra then feasted on her attractive breasts . soon, we got naked and she got on top of me on the bed – we were exploring each other’s bodies as the dfk continued. i then asked if we could make our way by the mirror so that i could enjoy her body even more while she gave me a bbbj. she started to give me a bbbj deep throating all of my dick. it was all i needed to bring me to where i needed to be. her eye contact during the bbbj was awesome and her technique on the head with the tongue and lips felt so good. i had brought some baby oil, covered her breasts with it and it was an indescribable feeling with my shaft between them. she kept switching between bj and tit fucking which went on for a while, when i couldn’t hold any longer i came all over her awesome breasts, she looked amazing with all that baby oil and cum on her tits, i’ll never forget that memory.

cleaned up and cuddled for a while and shared some wine, soon i was ready for round two. i wanted destiny to ride me so on went the cover and she hopped on top cg. the feeling of her tight wet pussy and her sweet hip moves gave me great pleasure as we rocked and rolled for a while. i could not take it any more and blew a big load in the cover. destiny continued to gyrate cg on me a few more minutes making sure to get it all out of me, all while smiling loving it. this was definitely a visual and sensory pleasurable experience.

i wanted to give her a massage so she adjusted to lay face down. i massaged her back and beautiful butt and legs for a long while as we talked about our experiences, life. her sense of humor and personality fit well with mine and frankly, i think we could have lay there all day shooting the breeze and having fun. again, more cuddling and kissing, fondling and kissing before she moved down to start again with a bbbj that was to die for. she’s an expert, with lots of teasing. as i could tell i was getting close, i asked for the cover and she applied it and then mounted me cg , but i prefer to have her face me so i can see her beautiful face and fondle her breasts. she leaned down for some dfk as she rode me. we moved into mish and kept pounding away that tight pussy. more kissing and fondling as i stayed inside her as long as i could. we then just laid in the bed, kissing, cuddling, kissing, chatting, kissing – what a fantastic experience.

in all an amazing time with destiny. she has great bbbj and dt skills and an amazing tight pussy (and knows how to rock the cg). this was money well spent and i would see her again in a heartbeat.

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